ESCI 411 - Advanced Petrology 2

Cin-Ty Lee, 2019

 25% Participation - readings, presentations

 25% Field trip presentation

 50% Term paper

 Required text: Sylvester, A. G., E. O. Gans, 2016, Roadside Geology of Southern California, Mountain Press.

Week 1. Mantle Melting

Lecture: Mantle Melting I

Lecture: Trace element modeling - Lee lecture notes

Real time lecture notes 1

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Week 2. Mantle Geochemistry

Hofmann, A.W., 1988. Chemical differentiation of the Earth: the relationship between mantle, continental crust, and oceanic crust. Earth Planet. Sci. Lett. 90, 297-314.

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Week 3. Mantle potential temperature

Langmuir, C.H., Hanson, G.N., 1981. Calculating mineral-melt equilibria with stoichiometry, mass balance, and single component distribution coefficients, in: Newton, R.C., Navrotsky, A., Wood, B.J. (Eds.), Thermodynamics of minerals and melts. Springer, New York, pp. 247-271.

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Week 4. Mantle melting: peridotite + pyroxenite

Walter, M.J., 1998. Melting of garnet peridotite and the origin of komatiite and depleted lithosphere. J. Petrol. 39, 29-60.

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Week 5. Continenal lithospheric mantle

Lee, C.-T.A., Luffi, P., Chin, E.J., 2011. Building and destroying continental mantle. Annu. Rev. Earth Planet. Sci. 39, 59-90.

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Week 7. Silicic magmatism

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Week 8. Subduction zone

Plank, T., Langmuir, C.H., 1988. An evaluation of the global variations in the major element chemistry of arc basalts. Earth Planet. Sci. Lett. 90, 349-370.

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Week 9. Pegmatites and ores

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Week 10. Continental crust formation

Rudnick, R.L., Gao, S., 2003. Composition of the continental crust. Treatise of Geochemistry 3, 1-64.

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Week 11. Magma emplacement mechanisms

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Week 12. Magma dynamics

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Week 13. Accessory minerals

Harrison, T.M., Watson, E.B., 1984. The behavior of apatite during crustal anatexis: equilibrium and kinetic considerations. Geochim. Cosmochim. Acta 48, 1467-1477.

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Week 14. Ancient continental crust

Sandiford, M., van Kranendonk, M.J., Bodorkos, S., 2004. Conductive incubation and the origin of dome-and-keel structure in Archean granite-greenstone terrains: a model based on the eastern Pilbara. Tectonics 23.

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Additional lecture material

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