Cin-Ty A. Lee

BA UC Berkeley, Geology, 1996

PhD Harvard University, Geochemistry, 2001

Post-doctorate Caltech, 2001-2002


curriculum vitae

Google Scholar;  713-348-5084


I am a geologist/petrologist/geochemist who investigates how our planet has evolved with time, from the deepest parts of the Earth's mantle to the continental crust and to the atmosphere.  I combine field mapping and sampling with state of the art analytical tools (mass spectrometry, x-ray spectrometry, electron probe microanalysis) and simple analytical and numerical modeling.  I have worked on continent formation and destruction, redox evolution of the Earth's interior, the origin of various ore deposits, the petrological structure of volcanic margins, and the origin of granites.  I am now working on thegeochemical interactions between the deep Earth and oceans/atmospheres in order to better understand what controls long term climate evolution.  More details on my research interests can be found on my Research and Publications pages.


When I'm not doing geology, I am spending time with my wife and son and our two dogs.  On my spare time, I am usually out looking for birds or plants in Houston and around the world, sitting in my studio painting and drawing, or writing/consulting about birds and the environment. I run two blogs. One is purely on Earth science and one is more free-form on anything related to natural historyI also help my wife run a natural history design company

Take a look at my father's thoughts about growing up in Taiwan and immigrating to the United States at Wandering in Rock Country.

some videos

-Kavli Institute of Theoretical Physics lecture on physics and chemistry of the Earth

-Birding at Rice University

-Rice Art Museum