Welcome to the Rice micro-XRF page.  Before you book, you must satisfy the following:

1.  You must first contact Cin-Ty Lee (ctlee@rice.edu) and ask permission to book a time. You will need the password to book your time below.

2. Recommended time to book is 2-3 hours. Although the actual analysis time will be less than this, this provides ample time for setting up the experiment.  You are charged only for analysis time.

3.  You may book for the whole day and into the evening.  You are not allowed to book for consecutive days without prior consent.

4.  You must also be properly trained to run.

5.  Costs are 35$/hour of analysis time for in house users and $70/hour for external users.

6. To schedule, click on a time window below.  You will receive a confirmation email from curlew26sandpiper