Ming Tang (post-doc)

      Hehe Jiang (PhD 2018, post-doc)

      Julin Zhang (PhD)

      Eytan Sharton-Bierig (PhD)

      Patrick Phelps (PhD)

      Chen Chen (visiting student)

      Jackson Borchardt (PhD)

      Sydney Allen (PhD)

      Matthew Neal (BS)

      Jackson Stiles (BS)

      Samiksha Deme (BS)


Previous lab members or Rice collaborators (chronological order)

      Cailey Condit (post-doc) - starting as prof at University of Washington

      Xu Chu (post-doc; prof University of Toronto)

      Julia Ribeiro (post-doc; now at Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry, China)

      Michael Farner (PhD, 2017) - teacher at Teach for America

      Sarah Gerenday (BS, 2017) - PhD candidate at UCSB

      Lexi Malouta (MSc, 2016)

      Xin Chen (visiting student, Nanjing University)

      Wenrong Cao (post-doct 2015-2016; now assistant professor at U Nevada Reno)

      Monica Erdman (PhD (2016); now at US Geological Survey, Menlo Park)

      Emily Paine (BSc 2016, now working at NIST)

      Elli Ronay (BSc 2016, now PhD student at Vanderbilt)

      Graham Eldridge (BSc 2016)

      Xun Yu (visiting student from Nanjing University, China, 2015)

      Fernando Nascimento Santos (2015; visiting undergrad from Brazil)

      Detao He (2015; visiting student from China University of Geosciences, Wuhan, China)

      Catherine Ross (2014; B. Sc.; visiting student from McGill University; now grad student at UT Austin)

      Yunong Xu (B. Sc.)

      Qingguo Zhai (visiting scientist)

      Mark Mikus (B.Sc.; now grad student at Colorado School of Mines)

      Chi-Tang "Zoe" Wu (B.Sc.) - now at UC Davis

      Larisa Lamere (BSc 2016; now grad student at Oregon State University)

      Claudia Sayao-Valladares (visiting scientist from Rio de Janeiro State University, Brasil)

      Emily Chin (PhD 2014; post-doc Brown Univ; now assistant professor at UC San Diego -Scripps Oceanographic Institute)

      Xu-Jie Shu (visiting student; Nanjing University)

      Peter Luffi (post-doctorate)

      Kelley Liao (Bsc and MSc; now interpretation geophysicist at Schlumberger)

      Brittany Brown (BSc, incineration blend chemist at Clean Harbors)

      Jianping Zheng (visiting professor from Chinese University of Geosciences, Wuhan, PRC)

      Bing Shen (post-doc; professor. at Beijing University, PRC)

      Keqing Zong (visiting grad student; now Associate professor at Chinese University of Geosciences, Wuhan)

      Nigel Watt (M.Sc., 2011)

      Daphne Jin (high school student)

      Meghan Miller (post-doct; professor at University of Southern California)

      Da-Ren Wen (post-doct)

      Sune Nielsen (post-doc; now faculty at WHOI)

      Romain Bouchet (visiting student from Ecole Normale Superieure)

      Veronique Le Roux (post-doc; now faculty at WHOI)

      Blake Dyer (Rice BSc 2010, PhD Princeton 2016, now post-doctorate at Lamont Doherty)

      Heather Dalton (MS 2009; now at Lunar & Planetary Institute)

      Katelyn Gray (BSc; now PhD student at Yale University)

      H. Patrick Young (BSc 2007, MS 2009; PhD Yale)

      Michael Kallstrom (BSc ’08; MSc. UT Austin)

      Masaru Oka (visiting student from Stanford U)

      Stephen Turner (BSc ’08; Harvard PhD; post-doc Wash U)

      Artemis Harbert (BSc; information geoscientist at Railroad Commission of Texas)

      Maik Pertermann (p.d., 06-07; prof. San Jacinto Coll.)

      Arnaud Agranier (p. d., 05-07); now professor at University of Brittany, France

      Martin Collier (BSc; PhD Columbia, now at Exxon)

      Janelle Homburg (BSc; grad school Columbia; now Exxon)

      Jessica Hawthorne (BSc; PhD Princeton; Professor Oxford University, UK)

      Ulyana Horodyskyj (BSc. ’07; PhD U Colorado)

      Min Hu (MSc. ’07; now senior UX designer at Microsoft)

      Zhengxue Li (PhD ’07; now at Connoco-Phillips)

      Mark Little (PhD ’07; now interim director of University of North Carolina – Kenan Institute)

      Amy Maloy (MSc ’07)

      Shayda Naficy (BSc)

      Yongsheng Liu (now Vice President of China University of Geosciences, Wuhan)

      Nivedita Thiagarajan (BSc; grad school Caltech, now post-doct at Caltech)