Birding tours or field identification courses in the Houston area

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Shorebird identification - learn the basics of shorebird identification, or if you're trying to get to the level at which you can identify dowitchers or find rarities, this trip is for you.  This trip can be done year round although spring, fall and summer are best. Depending on date, this tour will take you along the Upper Texas Coast (Anahuac NWR, Bolivar Flats, Galveston, Brazoria NWR are some of the places we may go)

Shorebird chasing - If you want to do a shorebird big day or just want to spend the day searching for rare shorebirds, I can help. 

Gull and tern identification - learn the basics of gull identification or ramp up your skills to become a gull expert.  This tour is best to take in the winter, from November through February.  We will either focus on local dumpsites or head to the Texas coast.

Sparrow identification - learn the basics of shorebird identification

Spring or fall songbird migration - Hit the migrant hotspots along the Texas coast

General bird identification - Choose the group of birds you are interested in and I will cater a course around that.

General birding in Texas - If you are in need of some special birds, whether that be Texas specialties or county specialties, I can help.

Other courses

Custom bird tour - I am willing to lead personalized tours further afield, such as in south Texas, west Texas, east Texas, California, Arizona, New Mexico, Florida, New England, as well as various foreign countries). Cost would have to be negotiated.

The art of scientific illustration and field sketching

Cin-Ty Lee's articles on bird identification

Arctic versus Pacific Loons (article 1, article 2, other loons)

Gulls of Houston

Mottled versus Black Ducks

Empidonax flycatcher identification

Shorebird identification

Dowitcher Identification

Pewee Identification

Buff-bellied Pipits (American versus Japanese Pipits)

Double-crested versus Neotropic Cormorants

Sparrow identification

Baltimore versus Bullock's Orioles (main article, supplementary)



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