General Geologic Maps and Geology

Arizona geologic map

Nevada geologic map

Dickinson, Tectonic setting, Arizona


Phanerozoic stratigraphy


Beus, Devonian Missippian Geology, AZ

Blakey et al., Pennsylvanian Permian Geology, AZ

Blakey, Triassic-Jurassic Geology, Southern Colorado Plateau

Middleton, Cambrian and Ordovician depositional systems


Proterozoic granitoids and island arc terranes, stratigraphy

Anderson, Proterozoic anorogenic granites of Arizona

Anderson, Proterozoic plate tectonic evolution of Arizona

Anderson, Stratigraphic volcanic/plutonic deformation in the Proterozoic, Arizona

Conway, Early Proterozoic rocks in Central to SE Arizona

Dewitt - Geochemistry Early Proterozoic Plutons, AZ

Elston, Grand Canyon Supergroup



Sullivan Buttes latites and xenoliths

Erdman, M. E., Lee, C.-T. A., Levander, A., Jiang, H., 2016, Role of arc magmatism and lower crustal foundering in controlling elevation history of the Nevadaplano and Colorado Plateau: a case study of pyroxenitic lower crust from central Arizona, USA, Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 439:48-57.

Riter and Smith, 1996, Xenolith constraints on the thermal history of the mantle below the Colorado Plateau, Geology 24:267-270.

Smith, Arculus, Manchester, Tyner, 1994, Garnet-pyroxene-amphibole xenoliths from Chino Valley, Arizona, and implications for continental lithosphere below the Moho, J. Geophys. Res. 99:683-696.

Smith and Riter, 1997, Genesis and evolution of low-Al orthopyroxene in spinel peridotite xenoliths, Grand Canyon field, Arizona, USA, Contrib. Mineral. Petrol. 127:391-404.

Smith, Riter, Mertzman, 1999, Water-rock interactions, orthopyroxene growth and Si-enrichment in the mantle: evidence in xenoliths from the Colorado Plateau, southwestern United States, Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 165: 45-54.

Tyner and Smith, 1986, Peridotite xenoliths in silica-rich, potassic latite from the transition zone of the Colorado Plateau in north-central Arizona, Contrib. Mineral. Petrol. 94:63-71.

Jerome Massive Sulfide Deposits

Lindberg, Precambrian Ore deposits, AZ

San Francisco Volcanic Field

Holm and Ulrich, Late Cenozoic Volcanism in the San Francisco and Mormon Volcanic Fields, southern Colorado Plateau, Arizona.

Nealey - Post Laramide Volcanics of AZ

Stratigraphy of the Colorado Plateau

Grand Canyon Geologic Map and stratigraphy

Grand Canyon Volcanics

Karlstrom et al., 2007, 40Ar/39Ar and field studies of Quaternary basalts in Grand Canyon and model for caving Grand Canyon: quantifying the interaction of river incision and normal faulting across the western edge of the Colorado Plateau, GSA Bulletin 119:1283-1312.

Reid et al., 2012, Melting under the Colorado Plateau, USA, Geology 40:387-390.

Uinkaret Volcani Field Map and Text

Northern Grand Canyon Map and Text


Basin and Range & Laramide

Krantz - Laramide Structures of AZ

Wernicke et al., 1987, Tectonomagmatic evolution of Cenozoic extension in the North American Cordillera, Geol. Soc. London, Spec. Pub. 28:203-221.

Wernicke, Axen, Snow, 1988, Basin and Range extensional tectonics at the latitude of Las Vegas, Nevada, Geol. Soc. Am. Bull. 100: 1738-1757.

Wernicke, B. 1992. Cenozoic extensional tectonics of the U.S. Cordillera, The Geology of North America, V. G-3 in Burchfiel et al., The Cordilleran Orogen, GSA

Spencer, Tertiary Tectonics, AZ


Sevier Fold and Thrust


Carbonatites (California)


Hoover Dam Geology

Hoover Dam Geologic Map and Text



Day 0 - March 30 (Wed), 2016 Depart IAH to Vegas

Day 1 - THURSDAY - Mar 31.  Drive from Las Vegas, NV to Flagstaff, AZ

Stop 1. Hoover Dam, NV

Stop 2. Basin and Range faulting

Stop 3. Prescott - Mesoproterozoic granitoids and volcanics

Stop 4. Prescott - Sullivan Butte latites and xenoliths

Stop 5. Jerome massive sulfide deposit


Day 2 - FRIDAY - Apr 1.  Begin in Flagstaff and stay at Page near Lake Powell, AZ

Stop 1. San Francisco Volcanic Field (Sunset Crater)

Stop 2.  San Francisco Volcanic Field (SP Crater)

Stop 3.  San Francisco Volcanic Field (Elden Mtn Dacite)

Stop 4. Grand Canyon National Park (South Rim)


Day 3 - Saturday - Apr 2. Lake Powell to Las Vegas, NV

Stop 1. Marble Canyon

Stop 2. Mt Trumbull volcanics

Stop 3. Vulcan's Throne and north rim of Grand Canyon


Day 4 - Sunday - Apr 3 - morning

Stop 1.  Mountain Pass Carbonatites (CA)

Stop 2. Sevier Thrust in Red Rock Valley (NV)