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In chronological order

Oct 2013

Kent et al. Preferential eruption of andesitic magmas through recharge filtering


Sept 2013

Mollo et al., Deciphering lava flow post-eruption differentiation processes by means of geochemical and isotopic variations: a case study from Mt Etna volcano


Heinonen, Mixed pyroxenite-peridotite sources for mafic and ultramafic dikes from the Antarctic segment of the Karoo continental flood basalt province.


Blatter et al. Crystallization of oxidized, moderately hydrous arc basalt at mid to lower crustal pressures: implications for andesite genesis


Aug 2013

Nelson et al. Petrogenesis of Sierra Nevada plutons inferred from the Sr, Nd and O isotopic signatures of mafic ingenous complexes inYosemite Valley, California


June 2013

Westward subduction

Sigloch, Mantle provinces under North America from multi-frequency P wave tomography

Sigloch et al. Intra-oceanic subduction  shaped the assembly of Cordilleran North America

Hoffman, The tooth of time: the North American Cordillera from Tanya Atwater to Karin Sigloch


Zhou et al., Petrogenesis of Mesozoic granitoids and volcanic rocks in South China: a response to tectonic evolution


April 2013

Eby, The A-type granitoids: a review of their occurrence and chemical characteristics and speculations on their petrogenesis


Morse, The fractional latent heat of crystallizing magmas


Cann, Upward movement of granitic magma

Albarede, Limitations thermiques a l’ascension des magmas hydrates


Feb 11, 2013

Theme: UHP, UHT or something else?  Let’s debate this.

Gazel et al. 2011. Garnet-bearing ultramafic rocks from the Cominican republic: Fossil mantle plume fragments in an ultra high pressure oceanic complex? Lithos.

                Comment by De Hoog.

Reply by Gazel et al.

Abbott and Draper, 2013, The case of UHP conditions in the Cuaba terrane, Rio San Juan metamorphic complex, Dominican Republic, Geologica Acta.

Hattori et al. 2010.  Corundum-bearing garnet peridotite from northern Dominican-Republic: a metamorphic product of an arc cumulate in the Caribbean subduction zone. Lithos.

Abbott Comment, Lithos, 2010

Hattori reply, Lithos 2010

Abbot et al., 2006.  P-T Path for UHP garnet ultramafic rocks of Cuaba gneiss…. IGR

Abbot et al., 2006. UHP Magma paragenesis, garnet peridotite, and garnet clinopyroxenite: an example from the Dominican Republic. IGR.



Feb 4, 2013

Theme: degassing, LIPS, mass extinctions and sulfate aerosols

Ganino and Arndt, Climate changes caused by degassing of sediment during emplacement of large igneous provinces. Geology. 2009

Racki, G. Climate changes caused by degassing of sediments during the emplacement of LIPS: comment. Geology. 2010

Wigley. 2006. A combined mitigation/geoengineering approach to climate stabilization. Science.


Jan 28, 2013

Faryad et al 2009, Garnet exsolution in pyroxene from clinopyroxenites in the Moldanubian zone… J Metamorphic Petrology.


Jan 21, 2013


Jan 14, 2012

O’Neill and Jenner, The global pattern of trace-element distributions in ocean floor basalts. Nature. 2012


14 Nov 2012

D’Errico et al. 2012, A detailed record of shallow hydrothermal fluid flow in the Sierra Nevada magmatic arc from low-del18O skarn garnets. Geology.


7 Nov 2012

Stern et al.  2012. To understand subduction initiation, study forearc crust: to understand forearc crust, study ophiolites


31 Oct 2012

De Hoog et al. 2010 Trace element geochemistry of mantle olivine and application to mantle petrogenesis and geothermobarometry


24 Oct 2012

Metrich et al. 1999. Transfer of sulfur in subduction settings: an example from Batan Island (Luzon volcanic arc, Philippines)


17 Oct 2012

Evans et al. 2001. A few remarks on the kinetics of static grain growth in rocks.


10 Oct 2012

Miller et al. 2003. Hot and cold granites? Implications of zircon saturation temperatures and preservation of inheritance


Watson and Harrison. 2005. Zircon thermometer reveals minimum melting conditions on earliest Earth.


Trail et al. The oxidation state of Hadean magmas and implications for early Earth’s atmosphere


3 Oct 2012

Barth et al. Strain within the ultrahigh-pressure western gneiss region of Norway recorded by quartz CPOs.


Sep 2012

Hildreth. 1981. Gradients in silicic magma chambers: implications for lithospheric magmatism.


Sobolev et al. 2011. Linking mantle plumes, large igneous provinces and environmental catastrophes. Nature.


Hanson and Langmuir. 1978. Modelling of major elements in mantle-melt systems using trace element approaches.


20 July 2012

Cordonnier et al. 2012, The viscous-brittle transition of crystal-bearing silicic melt: direct observation of magma rupture and healing, Geology 40: 611-614.


13 July, 2012

Hodge et al., 2012, Experimental constraints on the deformation and breakup of injected magma, Earth Planet Sci Lett, 325-326: 52-62


Spring 2012

Jenner et al., 2010, The magnetite crisis in the evolution of arc-related magmas and the initial concentration of Au, Ag and Cu, J Petrology, 51, 2445-2464


Esperanca et al. 1988.  Lower crustal evolution under central Arizona: sr, nd and pb isotopic and geochemical evidence from the mafic xenoliths of Camp Creek, Earth Planet. Sci. Lett. 90: 26-40


Blackwell et al. 1982. Heat flow, arc volcanism, and subduction in northern Oregon.