ESCI 502 – Field Trip-Advanced Geology and Petrology

Instructor: Cin-Ty Lee


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Course description

This class will combine field geology with quantitative understanding of the physical and chemical processes relevant to various geological phenomena, such as magma mixing, ductile and brittle deformation, regional and contact metamorphism, regional tectonics, structural geology, sedimentology, and geomorphology.  The class will meet once a week for 2 hours and will begin with a lecture by the instructor, followed by student-led discussions of assigned readings.  A 3 day field trip to Southern California is planned. The first day will be spent mapping magma mingling structures.  On the second day, students will split into two groups, depending on interest to map either 1) structural and metamorphic contact relationships between a plutonic body and carbonate wallrock, or 2) alluvial fan deposits in a tectonically active region.  Depending on time, on the third day will involve a geologic tour of southern California, including the San Jacinto Mountains, San Andreas Fault, Salton trough, Joshua Tree National Park, and various metamorphic rocks in the transverse ranges.



Students are expected to have taken all the ESCI core classes or equivalents as well as the field methods course.  Basic math, physics and chemistry are recommended.



Maley, Terry, 2005, Field Geology Illustrated, Mineral Land Publications, 2nd edition.


Required equipment

Hand lens

Colored pencils

Brunton compass (department will supply this)

Rock hammer

Field notebook




Each student is expected to lead 3 presentations/discussions.  Students are expected to generate maps from each of the regions and write a report to be turned in at the end of the semester.  Grading will be based as follows:

20% discussions

40% field map

40% report/term paper



Week 1 – General Geology of Western North America

Week 2 – Southern California Geology, reading geologic maps

Week 3  - Basic Igneous Petrology

Week 4 – Rheology and fluid flow

Week 5 -  Heat transport

Week 6 – Magma chamber dynamics

Week 7 – crystal nucleation and grain growth

Week 8 -  Folding deformation

Week 9 -  Basic sedimentology

Week 10 – Basic metamorphic petrology

Week 11 – Metamorphic textures

Week 12  - Hillslope transport and geomorphology

Week 13 – Sediment transport

Week 14






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Philpotts – Graphical Analysis

Philpotts – 20 - volatiles

Winkler 5 -graphical

Winkler 7 –Grade

Winkler - Isograds

Winkler 9 – Carbonates

Winkler 10 – Marls

Winkler – Mafic

Winkler –Pelite

Winkler - ultramafic



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