Geology Field Trip to New Mexico

Cin-Ty Lee and Rajdeep Dasgupta




Geologic Map of New Mexico



General Geology

Proterozoic geology

                KarlstromProterozoic geologic history

                DePaolo, 1981 – Crust formation ages, Colorado Front Range, 1.4 Gy granites

                Marshak – midcontinent rifting

Paleozoic geology

                Marshak – Ancestral Rockies

Cretaceous geology

                Arthur –Cretaceous oceanic anoxic events

                Cross and Pilger – Cretaceous Interior Seaway

                Dickinson and Snyder – General Cordilleran geology

Cenozoic geology            

Atwater 1970 – classic tectonics paper

                DickinsonLaramide Depocenters

                DePaolo, Perry, Baldridge – Rio Grande rift, lithospheric thinning

                Wilson – Rio Grande Rift, seismic constraints on lithospheric thinning


Proterozoic metamorphic basement

                Holdaway – Picuris range - petrology

                Grambling – Picuris range aluminosilicate petrology/mineralogy

                SchreyerPetaca schists


Harding pegmatite

                Chakoumakos – P-T, fluid inclusions and mineralogy

                Jahns and Burnham – pegmatite formation

                London – some words on pegmatites in general

Late Cenozoic volcanics

Bandelier and Valles Caldera

                HeikenValles Caldera review

                Hulen and Nielson, 1991 – evolution of Valles Caldera

                Self 1986 – Jemez Caldera development

                Warshaw and Smith 1988 – Bandelier rhyolite temperatures

                Wolff 1999 – Strontium isotopes Bandelier

                Wolff 2005 – Mafic magmas Jemez (pre-caldera)

                Smith and Bailey 1965 – Bandlier Tuff stratigraphy, zoned magma chamber

                Bailey and Smith – classic USGS paper on stratigraphy and nomenclature

                Dunbar and Hervig – volatiles in lower bandelier

                Hulen and Nielson 1988 – Valles Caldera hydrothermalism

Rio Puerco volcanics

                Porreca and Selverstone – Mantle and lower crustal xenoliths in Rio Puerco volcanic field

                Hallet – ages of Rio Puerco necks


Other maps/guides

                Picuris, Taos county bulletin